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Choosing the PWA Administrator Account during provisioning (or changing it afterwards)

posted January 22nd, 2008 by Stephen Sanderlin
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In Brian Smith’s recent post about the PWA Administrator that you select during provisioning, he points out that there is nothing special about this account — as you know, this account is the first admin in the system. According to Brian, it is also set as the administrator for the PWA site collection:

The first administrator is also set as the primary administrator of the site collection created for the PWA site. You can update the user in this case using stsadm -o siteowner. The parameters for this command are -url -ownerlogin -secondarylogin

My personal practice is to set the PS07 Service Account as this “primary admin” to ensure that it always has access. After provisioning, I log in as the service account and create the other administrators as needed. During post-deployment knowledge transfer, I strongly discourage clients from ever making any changes to the service accounts used during configuration (e.g. passwords, changing to another account entirely). While it’s possible to go through and change all the passwords, it’s labor intensive and error-prone, and any missteps during that process will cause issues in the environment.

When deploying, what account do you enter as the Primary Administrator?

Stephen Sanderlin is Vice President of Technology for MSProjectExperts and a Microsoft Project MVP. His earlier writings on Project Management and Microsoft Project can be read at EPMFAQ.
He is actively posting new content at ProjectServerHelp.

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Please discuss this post on the EPMFAQ Blog Posts Forum.

One Response to “Choosing the PWA Administrator Account during provisioning (or changing it afterwards)”

  1. comment number 1 by: PHE

    I do the same thing you do. The service account is perfect for this, as long as it doesn’t get changed. Of course, no service account should ever change.

    Password security is a bit of an issue here. Obviously, you wouldn’t put the service account password into your MOPS install doc, so it’s important for the keeper of the password to have his/her &%$# together.

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